No Time to Dawdle Anymore: Short Analysis on 200 Cases

June 23, 2019


The quantity of cases under the Telecommunications Law, one of the most abusive laws against freedom of expression in Myanmar, reaches 200 while 246 people are affected under the law.

Telecommunications Law was enacted in October 2013 with an aim to control businesses of local and international companies investing in telecommunications industry and to oversee telecommunications systems.

Despite of the aim, the law itself became a curtailment of people’s intrinsic right to freedom of expression in election campaign period in 2015. Now, freedom of expression is extremely violated by government, members of parliament, military and even some celebrities misemploying that law.

Telecommunications Law Cases Hits 200

Research Methodology:

Athan monitors, documents and amasses violations of freedom of expression including lawsuits under Telecommunications Law. Athan analyzed and reviewed the findings –findings of continuous court monitoring and infrequent court monitoring, and data collected from interviews with pertinent individuals, pundits and consultations with legal experts –to compile this research paper.

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