2019 Mid-year Report on Status of Freedom of Expression in Myanmar

September 9, 2019

Complaints against Media and Journalists

During the first six months, there are 8 cases charged against 11 journalists and editors regarding the journalistic works of news gathering, publishing and distribution.


Among these 8 cases, the military lodged three complaints, the police lodged two complaints and police of Special Branch lodged two complaints. Local business owners also filed charges against three journalists for their news coverage.

Laws applied in the charges

Telecommunications Law is mostly used to charge against journalists while no legal charge was found being filed in accordance with News Media Law.

Application of Telecommunications Law for Prosecutions

Monthly Charges

26 cases and 40 individuals

During the first six months, the Telecommunications Law was applied in 26 lawsuits against 40 individuals.

Maximum Penalty

The court has sentenced two years in prison to a community activist U Aung San Oo a maximum penalty by that law-for criticizing a member of parliament on the online platform.

Political Criticism

The ordinary citizens, activists and journalists have faced higher number of online defamation charges for criticizing the military, members of parliaments, the military representatives in the parliament and civil servants.

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