Welcome to ATHAN

Welcome to ATHAN, Freedom of Expression Activist Organization. ATHAN is promoting the freedom of expression by main three channels – Research, Education and Advocacy. 

ATHAN’s proposed plan is to regularly announce the statistics of cases under Telecommunications Law, Unlawful Association Law, Peaceful Assembly and Peaceful Procession Law, section 505 from penal code as well as the number of journalists charged with various laws to remind the people about the status of freedom of expression. One annual report which will include detailed analysis on some case, will be launched at the beginning of 2019. But the statements for some unexpectedly cases against freedom of expression and assembly will be occasionally announced.

Education and Advocacy
As ATHAN’s goal is to promote freedom of expression in the society, the strategic way to push the governments to respect and promote freedom of expression is using the people’s power to push the government.
ATHAN has held a pilot training recently and has plan to hold more trainings in other states and regions according to the quantity of cases under the Telecommunications Law. There will be eight trainings, each having 30 participants, organized for a year across Myanmar. The participants will be grassroot individuals and activists but youths who ATHAN believes are very important to address the chronic plague of Myanmar will be more preferable. The maximum number of participants is 30 including minority groups such as ethnic people, LGBT, Muslims, disabled persons in communities. Grassroot people and activists will be proportioned in training. The training course is based on the curriculum and other activities such as debates, teamwork and case study sessions will be included to enforce them share their knowledge they get in trainings with their respective communities. ATHAN deeply realizes education channel is not a quick win but very effective for the society if it is sustainable. The more areas we can cover, the more communities the knowledge about freedom of expression will be shared.

“We make voice, we hear voice”
“ထုတ်ပြောနိုင်သောအသံ၊ ကြားနိုင်သောအသံ”